Why WorkHub is Your Dedicated Recruitment Agency in Japan

WorkHub is dedicated to you, understanding your needs, and providing a solution. Here are some of the main reasons our clients and candidates choose to work with us:


One person who knows what they are doing

We offer a single point of contact for each business relationship. Whether you’re looking for a new position or resources/managed services for your team or company, we provide one experienced consultant to assist you. We never send junior consultants until they are ready.


We value our network

We understand that building and tendering good relationships is the lifeblood of good business in Japan. Therefore, we offer a very generous referral program and believe that building and maintaining a long-term business relationship is paramount.


Bicultural business experience

All of our staff have both Japanese and international working experience. We provide extensive training for each consultant to make sure they understand both business practices.


Multiple options to suit your needs

We are able to provide positions and solutions in the following key areas:

Permanent recruitment,
Temporary and contract assignments,
IT Managed services and
projects Resource consultancy and career advice.


Dedicated delivery

You’re welcome to contact your consultant anytime you wish. All our consultants have a work mobile and line account alongside their desk phones and emails. We don’t measure our team on irrelevant KPIs or billing. We believe that helping people is the best thing we can do so we measure purely on the number of people our consultants have found jobs for and the resources or projects they have helped clients with.


Dynamic and flexible

We are securely funded and have a wealth of experience in our team. However, we don’t have unrealistic corporate policies dictating what we do. Our only priority is to help our customers within our capacity and the laws of Japan.

The WorkHub Difference

What makes us different from the rest? In relation to how we work, we pride ourselves in delivering the very best service we can, please click below to read more.

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