Strengths and Benefits

Dynamic Delivery

We are a highly focused, hard-working team able to adapt and be flexible to any working need. We aim to understand your requirements and deliver you a tailored solution quickly. Our actions speak louder than words.

Compliance Through Comprehension

Understanding the employment market and the regulations which govern us is vital, and we regularly keep up to date with any commercial or legal changes.

Experienced Efficiency

All of our consultants are experienced and understand recruitment and the Japanese market very well. We also operate a very comprehensive and in-depth training program. Such organisational efficiency is essential for saving our clients time, producing better-matching solutions faster, and ensuring our mutual success.

WorkHub Stats


97.4% of placed workers come back to us


91.7% retention rate with hiring companies


28% of placed contractors become permanent staff within 3 years

3 screened candidates sent on average to every new position within the first 8 business hours.

We Specialise in Many Industries

  • Office Professionals and HR

    HR plays a key role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture of an organisation. Pay, performance management, training and development, recruitment and onboarding and reinforcing the values of the business are all essential elements of business culture covered by HR.

  • Customer Support and IT Support/Helpdesk

    Excellent customer service is vital to any business to retain and grow their customer base. As such we understand Customer Support to be an extremely important part of business. We are always looking for strong customer focused candidates who have an excellent professional attitude and enjoy providing solutions to customers questions and issues in a friendly positive manner.

  • Software and Infrastructure Roles

    Are you looking for a challenging software development position where you get to work on new and exciting technologies to build up your career and skills? We are also interested in new development technologies and are the perfect team to help you find your next development position.

  • Business Analysis, Security and Data Analysis

    In the modern world, Data Analysis, Business Analysis and Security positions are becoming ever more important to companies. Without this analysis and protection companies risk exposure and loss due to not being innovative in the market. Each of these areas require a distinct set of skills and abilities, we make sure we focus and spend time on helping match the right candidate with a top-quality position in these areas.

  • Project Management, Consulting, and ERP

    We have a large selection of Project Management, Management and Consultant level positions, reaching from junior to senior management and all the way to niche consultant positions in one particular area. Our Management positions expand across all our clients and industries whereas within our Consultancy specialism, we specifically focus on ERP (including SAP), HRIS, BCP, Security, Risk and Regulatory Governance.

  • Marketing and Sales Positions

    The unique and important role of sales is to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s needs and the products/services that the organisation offers that can fulfil their needs. We work with a large number of companies and select the best sales positions to offer to our candidates. We understand a good salesperson has a lot of options and we are here to help guide you through the best options so you can decide.

  • Finance and Accountancy

    We deal with a lot of different companies and have a steady inflow of accountancy and finance Positions. These are often from foreign capital-based companies looking for English speaking accountancy or finance staff. If you’re looking for a position where you will be able to use English, in a nice office environment, with a corresponding competitive remuneration package please do contact us.

We Specialize in Many Industries

Our Clients

Testimonials From Clients and Candidates

I worked with the WorkHub Japan team for over 3 years. They are excellent consultants for their candidates, clients and internal stakeholders. The focus was always on delivering consistent sustainable results, be it finding the right job for a candidate, finding the right resource or managed service for their clients, or providing advice internally on complex legal and contract situations. They always find a great solution and got the team motivated to work towards this.

Hiring Company Testimonials

“WorkHub is a great team of recruiters and have a great understanding of the market in Tokyo.”

Job Seeker Testimonial

I’ve worked with the WorkHub team for over 7 years now and found them to be reliable and trustworthy. They consistently deliver on thier client’s needs to provide the resources they are looking for, whilst managing an internationally diverse team using industry standard quality & delivery methodologies.

Hiring Company Testimonials

“They are very responsive and have good communication. They are someone you can trust as agent for long term.”

Job Seeker Testimonial

Professional Advice

Hiring Articles

Consider Psychometric Tests

The word psychometric comes from the same root words as psychological and measurement. These tests have been carefully formulated to create a scientific measurement of an individual’s personality and character.

Best Practices for Using a Recruitment Consultant

The quest for an excellent new employee can include a lot of time, paperwork, and frustration. As the job-search market becomes more competitive, using a recruitment consultant company makes more sense.

Job Hunting Articles

How to Resign Professionally

Over the course of your working life, you may resign from multiple companies or positions in order to gain a new, better one. It takes a lot of consideration before you write and submit your resignation, but if you do it professionally, the outcome should be more positive.

Templates for CV, Rirekisho and Shokumukeirekisho

We prepared some free template for you to download with an easy explanation of the differences between each resume. Please find the following free templates below for your use.

Our Blog

We regularly analyse and assess the market and its trends, as it’s always changing and evolving based on multiple factors. To get an insight into the current hot topics, please have a look through some of our blog posts. Our goal is to create helpful, relevant, and interesting content here.

Hiring Your First Staff Member

Hiring your first staff member is exciting, worrying and overwhelming all at the same time. The employee that you will hire will hopefully help you turn your business into the business of your dreams. You must think properly when hiring any staff, that you are collaborating with them rather than dictating their every move. Working together as oppose to dictating their environment and workflow will empower your staff members and, in turn, see them working at their maximum potential.

The Ins & Outs of Smart Career Planning

If you were to ask someone what they felt was most important to their job right now, they’d probably say job security. Right now, people are more afraid than ever about losing their jobs, having to halt or restart their careers, or losing financial gains they may have made over the past months.

Top 10 Tips For Finding A Rewarding Job Post COVID-19

Life after Coronavirus is a while away, and when we get there, it is going to look very different. Industries across the world have taken a huge hit as the global economy heads toward a crash, taking with them millions of jobs. In America alone, around 30 million people have filed for unemployment benefits since mid-March, with the UK and other European countries releasing similar troubling statistical trends.

How to work efficiently from home – Teleworking

The transition from work-life to home-life is relaxing in many aspects but focusing on work has become harder than ever. Unlike in our work environments, there are many distractions ranging from being able to access our phones to having to work in the same place as your spouse, children or flatmates.



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